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Science Trivia

Level 5

Panda's Problem presents students with an on screen situation, which they must closely watch to answer trivia questions afterwards.We take a holistic approach to this subject with questions covering space, circuits, safety, environment, chemical reactions and living things. We combine curriculum-specific questions with pop culture references to engage, entertain and test your students.

Our science DVD segments involve the following games:

Quiz_it incorporates traditional trivia with educational segments on the big screen, so your students will feel like their classroom has become a television show.

  • Name These Scientists
  • A pairs game where students test their knowledge of historical figures in science.
  • Science Morph
  • A volunteer represents their team while watching a scientist's face morph into another. The first to name the two scientists wins.
  • Panda's Problem
  • Panda's Science Lab safety tips. A funny observational game where we test students on the situation Panda gets himself into in his lab.
  • The Same Game
  • This is a quirky animated game on the screen. Presented by our funky robot Games Brown, students are asked to work out the scientific link between the images they see.

These segments, combined with our standard games and verbal questions, provide a science session that will be both enjoyable and educational.

For a printable Quiz-It science trivia brochure click here, or to read about our pricing click here.

Watch an example of our Name These Scientists segment in the video below. If the video does not load within 30 seconds, please click one of the links below to watch it.

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